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Mark Knopfler on Creativity


I'm a big Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits fan, so was happy to discover this short film on YouTube where Mark talks about the process of recording his new album Tracker.

What I particularly enjoyed though are his comments about the creative process. Mark talks only about his own process in relation to songwriting and recording - but I can directly relate to all of it when I think about my own design process for any creative project.

It's hard to know what it is that's going on in your head when writing a song. Sometimes it's not until afterwards that you realise what it was that attracted you to a song

Mark also talks about how songs change through the recording process. There are happy accidents and new ideas thrown in from other band members. It shows that no matter how good or how experienced you are - no matter how clear an idea you start out with, you can almost always end up with a better result by being flexible and open to new ideas along the way.

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