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Some old Photography


I hardly ever take photographs now, and even then it's mostly for quite functional reasons than anything artistic. I'd probably even describe myself as a not very good photographer.

There was a time though when I used to spend a bit more time going out with the intent of taking some photographs. And during a recent tidy of some old files, I discovered a small hoard of old photography that holds up pretty well.

I've batched them all up into some galleries on Dropbox for posterity:

Chicken Drawing

Chicken Drawings
OK - off to an awkward start here as these are not-so-hot photographs of some drawings of chickens I did. View Gallery

Frame Corner

A random collection of photographs taken during a day in Bristol.

View Gallery

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers
Lots of shipping containers. Great colours and industrial finishes. View Gallery

Re photographed

These are quite fun and trace back to my student days. For one project I took photographs from a magazine and messed around in processing the film. Some of the prints also got hacked around, scratched and collaged. Years later I then re-photographed my prints, which can be seen here. View Gallery

You made it to the bottom! Thanks for reading.

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