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It's coming up for 1 year since the first UXSW conference. And a few people are now starting to ask when is it happening again?

The day went down really well last year, and I know lots of people are keen for another - me included. I had every intention of organising UXSW#2 this year - but a new job, finishing up freelance projects and trying to move house have left me short on time and, sorry to say, it's just not going to happen this year.

However - I definitely do want to organise another early in 2016. So hopefully everyone can bear with me until then!

Writing this is probably the prompt I need to at least start getting organised, so I will try and give some thought to structure, timings and date/venue over the next few weeks and start asking for talk & workshop proposals before Christmas.

If anyone want's to pre-empt me on this - please feel free to email me john [@] - with ideas. Based on last year, it will likely be a mix of 30 minute talks and 60 minute workshops.

If anyone can suggest a better venue, do let me know. Options on a reasonable budget seem limited around Exeter - so it's likely it will be at the same location in Exeter Library which will mean group of around 45 people.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with this and I really will try and get things happening soon.

You made it to the bottom! Thanks for reading.

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