All my work considers mankind’s impact on the planet and how it has defined our current epoch which is suggested to be called the Anthropocene - the age of mankind.

Depictions of the city can be seen throughout my work. I use it as a metaphor for everything humans have had an impact on. Farmland, fishing, reservoirs, managed forests, mines or pollution - there is almost nowhere on Earth that has not seen some level of impact by civilization. Even uninhabited places are being negatively affected by pollution and global heating.

While these concerns drive my work - the pieces themselves convey a sense of beauty and hope. It shows the symbiotic relationship between the natural world and our built environments. It reminds people that adapting our lifestyles to be more sustainable is not just about giving up luxuries and cutting back - it is about preserving and restoring incredible beauty all around us.


Rewilding promotes the resurgence of nature. This series of artworks considers how nature is intertwined with civilization and the positive effectcs of allowing it to dominate.

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Human Nature

Mesmerising and highly intricate ink drawings which combine the man made city with organic shapes and the natural world. While beautiful and mesmerising the drawings also make you think about the impact our cities and lifestyles have on the planet.

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A collection of vibrant and energetic paintings on board. Paintings are all framed and available to buy separately or as groups. Please contact me directly to discuss prices if buying multiple works.

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Work under £200

Affordable original artworks. Paintings and drawings, all under £200.

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Recent works

Reclaimed Fragments - affordable art
Reclaimed Fragments 202133 x 27cmAcrylic on wood View artwork
Reclaimed Fragments 2 - affordable art
Reclaimed Fragments 2 202140 x 30cmAcrylic on wood View artwork
Love not man the less - painting by John Cowen, artist
Love not man the less 2021120 x 150cmAcrylic on canvas View artwork
Polyptych drawing - affordable art
Polyptych - Extract 202121 x 29cm eachInk on paper View artwork
Polyptych drawing - affordable art
Polyptych - Sophora 202121 x 29cm eachInk on paper View artwork