John Cowen

Artist & designer

The obligatory, but slightly awkward, about me page

I'm John Cowen, an artist making work about the environment and mankind's impact on the planet.

I studied Fine Art at university, specialising in painting, which led to a twenty year career working as a designer and art director. While I have had wonderful creative opportunities, they are mostly still within the constraints of a commercial brief. I always craved the unlimited creative opportunities working as an artist can offer.

My work explores the links between Human and Landscapes during our current era: the Anthropocene. Imaginary cities maps, panoramas, omnipresence of the human... My latest works introduce color as witness of our urgent need to reintroduce nature and its diversity into our too-much built environment.

Sustainable Art Market

I work with the Sustainable Art Market.

Sustainable Art Market (SAM) is a young company, created in 2018 by Sabine Colombier, which is betting on creating an innovative link between the art market and the protection of the environment.

At Sustainable Art Market, we stand for optimism, smile, efficiency, half-full glass, and action!

Ethical, simple and slow!

As a SAM artist I donate 5% of the sales of my artwork to Rewilding Britain.

Most artwork is listed on this website, but you might like to view my portfolio on Artsy.

Please do contact me with any questions about my work. You can also read more about my thoughts and practice in the blog articles listed below:

Instagram is a great place to keep up-to-date with what's going on in the studio. Please follow me for almost-daily posts.

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