John Cowen

Artist & designer

Recovery paintings

A collection of paintings that have stemmed from my Rewilding paintings.

Each painting is is 25 x 20cm + frame. I have two rules when making these paintings:
1. each painting must work as a stand-alone piece.
2. every painting must fit with the others in the series when shown as a single collection.

The series is ongoing and paintings shown here is not an exhaustive collection of works.

Please contact me if you would like more information about any of my work.

Recovery paintings
John Cowen in studio with Recovery paintings

John Cowen in the studio with the paintings.

Detail of Recovery Paintings

Recovery paintings details.

All of my work tackles the broad theme of the Anthropocene and the impact mankind has on the planet.

The Recovery series shows the vibrant and complex beauty we can find in our lives by embracing nature and allowing it to dominate.

All the paintings are on board, which allows me to aggressively scrape back and obliterate early layers of paint. As the paintings develop, the history of scratches and erasure can still be seen. The final surfaces and bright, joyous, jewel like - but the layering and amalgamation of creation and destruction remains.

I constantly have in mind the quote 'Over your cities grass will grow'. Which comes from the book of Isiah as a warning of the 'Lord's day of vengence'. However I think of it as being a positive thing - not obliterating our cities but restoring them and bringing our built environment into harmony with the natural world. A recovery for both nature and civilization.

Recovery 1 - painting

Recovery 1

Recovery 2 - painting

Recovery 2

Recovery 3 - painting

Recovery 3

Recovery 4 - painting

Recovery 4

Recovery 5 - painting

Recovery 5

Recovery 6 - painting

Recovery 6

Recovery 7 - painting

Recovery 7

Recovery 8 - painting

Recovery 8

Recovery 9 - painting

Recovery 9

Recovery 10 - painting

Recovery 10

Recovery paintings details

Recovery paintings

Recovery paintings detail

Recovery paintings


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