John Cowen

Artist & designer

Rewilding series

Painting - Rewilding I - by John Cowen

Rewilding I

2020 | 1000 x 700mm | Acrylic on canvas

Painting - Rewilding II - by John Cowen

Rewilding II

2020 | 1000 x 700mm | Acrylic on canvas

In almost all first world societies, our lifestyles are out-of-balance with nature, which has left us facing an imminent climate crisis.

The Rewilding series seeks to highlight the need for adapting our way of living and returning to sustainable lifestyles.

The paintings are beautiful and vibrant, but this is a layer on top of a heavily worked, distressed or blackened surface. They became representative of the fine balance between manmade and natural environments. Both can be beautiful, both can be destructive. Each has the power to overwhelm and destroy the other. Each also has the ability to adapt and thrive in a symbiotic relationship with the other.


Each painting 250 x 300mm | Acrylic on board

Painting - Slept Through - by John Cowen

Slept Through

2020 | 575 x 425mm | Acrylic on paper

Painting - Untitled - by John Cowen


2020 | Acrylic on canvas

Painting - Two Sides - by John Cowen

Two Sides

2020 | 400 x 500mm | Acrylic on canvas