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Rewilding II

Rewilding II
Rewilding II70 x 100cmAcrylic on canvas

All my work considers mankind’s impact on the planet and how it has defined our current epoch which is suggested to be called the Anthropocene - the age of mankind.

It’s well understood that human activities have had a negative impact on the planet and there’s a movement called ‘Rewilding’, which seeks to reestablish the dominance of nature as an antidote to the effects of the Anthropocene. Rather than showing the potential, apocalyptic, effects of climate breakdown, the painting shows the alternative. It explores the benefits of regaining the balance between modern life and nature.

The marks represent the resurgence of nature and how it is intertwined with people, culture, religion, philosophy and technology. All these great things we have created as a species existing in a magnificently rich, chaotic and sustainable ecosystem. The work depicts the fine balance between manmade and natural environments. Both can be beautiful, both can be destructive. Each has the power to overwhelm and destroy the other, but also has the ability to adapt and thrive in a symbiotic relationship.

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